Apart from their attractive appearance, green roofs offer numerous ecological and economical benefits, provided that the correct system build-up is employed to ensure long-term success. Green roofs are worth it, from installations on small garage roofs, right up to installations on large industrial surfaces.

Ecological Benefits

Green roofs cool and humidify the surrounding air. Thus they create a beneficial microclimate within their

Economical Benefits

A green roof has the ability to buffer temperature extremes and improve the buildings energy performance.

Different Types of Green Roofs

All types of Green Roof can be designed with the right technology and a stronger partner by your side.


Private Roof Garden


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New Providence Wharf


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University Library


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Al Jalila Hospital


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About Al yousuf

Founded more than 58 years ago, based on the successful sale of a shipment of rice husks from India, the Al Yousuf Group has now grown into a multi-million dirham conglomerate.


With operations ranging from motor vehicles and real estate development, to home electronics and computer operating systems, our manufacturing base covers the production of a wide range of fiberglass (FRP) boats as well as bitumen-based membranes for use in construction.

From our headquarters on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai’s busy southern corridor, the Al Yousuf Group runs a network of offices and showrooms that stretch across the UAE and into the Gulf and the Middle East. Our markets, however, reach far beyond into the Indian subcontinent, the CIS countries, Asia, Europe, Africa and America.


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Our Partner


Pioneer Brand, World leader with over 30 years of experience in Greenroofs!

ZinCo Group is an international pioneer in designing and manufacturing green roof systems for high density urban areas.
Since their inception in 1957, they have led the industry’s growth and advancement by developing environmentally smart solutions that reduce urban heat island effect and improve storm water management.